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Black Girls Golf curates events that speak to the unique lifestyle choices of African American women.

Our members are savvy business professionals who are decisions makers and trend setters.

"Women need spaces that affirm and protect their womanhood. Golf gives them the confidence to ask for it."

Tiffany Fitzgerald

Tiffany bootstrapped her way to becoming a golf industry influencer. Now, BGG is the fastest growing and largest golf community for African American women and girls.

Tiffany is operating in her sweet spot as the CEO of Black Girls Golf. Entrepreneurship is her passion but she's also the mother of three children and the second oldest of five children.

Tiffany loves to share her story about finding her voice, overcoming obstacles and her path to entrepreneurship. Her relaxed, relatable style engages her audiences on a personal level. Tiffany is fun, engaging, and guaranteed to empower and inspire women.


Black Girls Golf has worked with the following organizations:

Speaking Topics

A Wedge Is Not A Shoe

Why every women should play golf.

Your Invitation Is In The Mail

How to get invited to the meeting after the meeting.


Build Your Own Niche.

Single Mom By Circumstance, Single Parent By Choice

Strategies for managing life as a single mom.


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