Premium Membership Details

Although BGG is the largest, and fastest growing, golf community for Black women we are more than just a membership club. We are a sisterhood of women, committed to growing the game and providing a supportive and encouraging environment to learn, practice, and play golf. We understand what it means to belong. We are NOT a competitive league, we focus on creating community.

Is There A Chapter In My Area?

We don't operate based on a traditional chapter model. Instead we use meetups and official BGG events to connect you with other Premium Members in your area. We are also available to organize clinics and meet ups in your area. Become a member from anywhere in the U.S.  You have access to the Black Girls Golf calendar to schedule your own local meetups.

Your participation in this movement helps us in our work advocating and demanding diversity and inclusion in the industry at every level, including careers in the industry. Our work is a long way from being done. In fact, we're just beginning and your Premium Membership will help us get there.

With a BGG Premium Membership you can level up on your golf journey by gaining access to our private online community where you can set up play dates, find opportunities to play and practice with other members, and learn with your free access to our digital library of golf resources.

Premium Black Girls Golf Membership


What you get

Premium Membership Features Include:

  • Member-only pricing for BGG Apparel & Merchandise
  • Priority registration in Official BGG Events
  • Unlimited access to digital learning resources
  • Access to BGG calendar for planning local meetups
  • Access to VIP registration for BGG hosted events
  • Bonus offers from partners
  • Direct access to certified LPGA & PGA teaching professionals