About Black Girls Golf


Black Girls Golf was just an idea in 2011. After spending several years in Corporate America and noticing how many opportunities were available to her male colleagues who played golf, Black Girls Golf Founder, Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald, set out to learn the game and create opportunities to build better professional relationships and connect with people in positions of power and influence.

Tiffany learned the game and was intimidated by the rules and the learning curve seemed impossible. She felt invisible yet again. She set out to change that for herself and others. In 2013 Tiffany invited her friends to join her on a golf course in Atlanta. Twenty-six women showed up and Black Girls Golf went from idea to a sisterhood.

Black Girls Golf has come a long way since 2013. Tiffany has been featured in Women’s Golf Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine and sports and business radio to promote diversity in golf and to share her experience as a golfer.

Who We Are

Black Girls Golf is headquartered in Greater Atlanta with more than 4,000 members in the U.S and abroad. We are a home for golfers of every level, including newbies. Since we don't have chapters we've eliminated the inconvenience of chapter meetings and mandatory monthly dues. Instead, we've created a learning & playing community for you to be part of and you can plan meet ups and play dates when it's convenient for YOU.

We are not a competitive league, we're a global network of like-minded women who want to learn, practice, and play golf.

What We Do

  • Golf Clinics & Meet Ups
  • Assistance with creating local leagues
  • Regional & National Events
  • Girls Golf Trips
  • Provide Online education that covers rules & etiquette
  • Connect you to instructors

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