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Women Who Golf Do Get The Corner Office
By Tiffany Fitzgerald
Posted on 12/18/2017 12:49 PM

Women in business should be looking for a competitive edge. It’s not enough anymore to degrees and nice business suits. You’ve gotta set yourself apart from the crowd.

“It’s really not the golf that matters, truth be told. It’s the secret club. It’s the secret language. It’s being in the game, being where decisions are made. And that means being on the golf course.”

 By Leslie Andrews

Catalyst, a prestigious research firm dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business, found that 46% of women surveyed noted “exclusion from informal networks” as the biggest impediment to reaching their career goals, with golf being one of the leading informal networks from which women felt excluded. The obvious question being: Why are women excluded from golf? Are women being purposely excluded, or are women sometimes excluding themselves? The answer to both is yes. Read More

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